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Follow the production process of the various projects Ekte is working on in the Production Tracking section. I am also keeping track of things I learn through trial and error in the Learnings section

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A selection of Ekte's projects

Oak Kitchen Island


Finger jointed beauty

A wonderful project for our customer in Alta. This kitchen island is 2 metres long and has drawers on both sides. A total of 18 drawers, all of them finger jointed in hardwood oak. The doubled sided construction adds depth and gives it that extra special look!

And it is on wheels hidden under the base!


Merchants cabinet for storage of vinyl

This retro styled furniture in teak and furniture linoleum was designed and built to store thousands of vinyl singles. The customer is an avid collector and wanted two of these cabinets as a showcase and practical storage of their vinyl collection.


Olympic flame - Midnight Sun Marathon

A custom built flame for the 2019 Midnight Sun Marathon which was the marathons 30th anniversery. This was a collaboration with designer Peter Glasaaen, Tromsø Stein and Thomas Saltnes. Nerve wracking moment as the flame was lit! The torch used to light the flame travelled all the way from Athens and is an offshoot of the original Olympic flame

Popup seafood restaurant


Popup restaurant for Norwegian Seafood Council - Marina Bay Sands Singapore

With a counter made from 70 pieces of burnt ash this restaurant was used during the yearly 50 best restaurant reward ceremony in Singapore. We chose a mix of complementary materials including coppper, ash and microcement. The complete “restaurant” was prebuilt in Norway and shipped to Singapore where we set it up for the event.


Rocking Chairs and Side Table

Rocking chairs are awesome, and this was an awesome project! Pure joy from sketch to finished product .Inspired by the first chair Ekte made we tried to marry the classic rocking chair feeling with a more modern Scandinavian look.

Walnut Desk

A very special piece that we love just that little bit extra! From design to completion this was a fantastic adventure and learning experience for us as furniture designers and makers.


Stepped drawers

These stepped drawers give the desk a unique look, and gives a lot of room for storage.


Brass inlay and handles

Custom cut and routed inlays of brass for that presidential look and feel!

“Alta” River table

River table, and complete interior, for a restaurant in Alta. This river table is based on the actual “Alta” river in Finnmark. A challenging and really exciting project where we were able to take lead in the process from concept, design to production.


Tourist Information - Visit Tromsø

A huge project for our local tourist information where we built every single piece of furniture from scratch. This was our first project working with steel, welding both structural and decorative elements. Local wood was sourced from forests around our area, we even salvaged some aged wood from an old barn.


Sami-inspired steel decorations



Local mountains lit up by the northern lights

Bærbar - Smoothie Bar

From concept to completion we created this space for a new smoothie bar. We like combination of the large common seating area inspired by Japanese design to the more secluded "houses"! Oh and we also really like birch and steel together, for that minimalistic and industrial feeling.  


Organic desk and back wall

Together with Lerøy Aurora we created an desk and back wall with organic shapes inspired by the northern lights and mountains around the area in Skjervøy where the museum is located. The back wall is made from over 150 individual birch plywood boards that have been hand cut, glued together and raised up. The desk itself has 10 layers of topography which makes up the mountain ranges.


Arctic frontiers - Stage

Complete design and production of stage and lighting setup for major business conference in northern norway. The huge snow flake was a great showpiece that created both a nice thematic backdrop and “wow effect”. Making the stage and furniture modular allowed it to be set up for a variety of different scenarios including panel debates and plenary presentations.

Photos by Arctic Frontiers (Terje Mortensen and Alberto Grohovaz)


Contemporary collection

Inspired by a chair that I had seen in Japan I wanted to create something minimalistic using Dinesen Douglas Fir. A nice mix of Japanese minimalistic design with Scandinavian materials. Chair, lamp, bedside table and clock in Ekte's first little collection. 

Complementary pieces of Ekte's first modern and minimalistic collection

Complementary pieces of Ekte's first modern and minimalistic collection

chair 1.jpg

Oak Table

Custom oak table made to measure for customer's country home. A fantastic project with scale. 2.8 meter x 1 meter table with a 5 centimeter thick table top made for a really solid construction. Going from CAD through miniature prototype to final build was a true pleasure. A very rewarding build and happy customer! 


3D design & render 

As always I love to create 3D renderings so both the customer and I can get a clear visual direction and understanding of the final product .


Miniature prototype

For this project I wanted to try out some new finishes and decided to create a quick mini-prototype to see how they would look.


Final table

And the final table! Here just before applying the oil and varnish. Great!

Event stand for Norwegian Seafood Export Council

Ekte's first international project! A really big challenge, with such a huge reward. Building Norwegian Seafood Export Council's event stand for the Seafood Expo Global event in Brussels. The stand was opened by the norwegian ministry of fisheries. The project was been a wild ride from designing from sketch to render in 3D and then building all individual components in the North of Norway before transporting everything down to Brussels for the final rig. Thanks to Skiltmaler Gundersen for the handpainted (!) logos. Ekte delivered everything except the large, sexy, screen!


Fully branded stand 

The design and layout of all components were based on the brief from customer and project managers at Moloen.  Working together with the client all in 3D helped us find a direction that was on-brand and answered the requirements for the visitors experience.


Custom touch screen stand and desk

A custom touch screen stand designed to hold a 24" touch screen used for allowing visitors of the stand to navigate the expo area. Together with the rounded desk the shapes complement each other and I loved working with the more organic and rounded designs.

Timelapse video of the build

Here is a complete timelapse from 3D-design to rigging and finally with happy visitors enjoying the stand.

Embroidery table

Proud to have been asked to build this embroidery table for our local art museum. First time working with Maple, love the grain of this wood! The table is a part of an art exhibition where visitors can create their own embroidery and art on the table itself.


Oak and Valchromat Coffee Table

Oak Coffee table finished just in time for customer's moving in party! Love the combination of white oak for the table top and black Valchromat legs.


Steel frames for public art display

In collaboration with Tromsø Kommune and the german Raumlabor we created these steel frames that give the viewers an interesting view of artistic interpretations and historical photographs overlayed on the real world as a backdrop. Nice little steel and welding project for us!


Bar for Music Festival

Our local music festival Buktafestivalen asked if we could build a "streetfood-south-american-arctic-fusion-bar" for their festival. With a lot of help from friends that came with ideas and donated old materials and decorations we manage to get just the right look for their concept! We even found a stuffed Seagull...

buktaBar 6.jpg
buktaBar 22.jpg

Reclaimed wood from local barn

We were lucky to find this old barn that was being torn down. Lots of great materials for our bar. From Barn to Bar!

buktaBar 12.jpg

"Jan" - The stuffed seagull

This little fella kept a keen eye on both the food and the bands at the festival. Always good to have a seagull in the mix.

Smart Home- Storage & Daybed

A clever way to maximise space in a narrow hallway. The client wanted a combination of storage and a daybed for sleepover guests. Great look with the Birch Plywood! 

smart 2.jpg
smart 1.jpg

Sliding doors

Covering the main storage area are sliding doors on guide rails. The doors for the cabinets above and below the daybed have routed tracks for a nice snug fit.

The daybed itself is 2 meter by 60 centimeter and has room for a nice and comfortable matress. 

smart 3.jpg

The beauty of plywood endgrain

I am a huge fan of the nice looking endgrain in the plywood. Gives the final finish just that little bit extra!

Desk for Music Production

 a very custom and personalised desk for the local music producer Lars. So fun to make something which has a real value for his day to day work! And really motivating when the customer knows exactly what he wants both functionally and aesthetically. Lars went on a scavenging hunt around Tromsø to reclaim old wood and metal to get just the finish he was looking for. The mix of old and new came out really nicely! You can check out more from the production process on Instagram.

lars 2.jpg

The angled side modules will have speakers behind them facing directly towards Lars as he does his music magic.

lars 1.jpg

Racks for mounting music hardware

Both side modules have 19" racks where Lars can mount is various mixers and synths.


Reclaimed wood and metal


Removable panels at the back give good air flow for all the equipment and easy access to cabling. The customer was very active in the details of the design and came up with lots of small tricks so the desk would fit his needs exactly!

Interactive Toys for Kids room

A fun mix of physical and digital in this playful room where children can learn about Salmon farming and production. Here we got to work with cool technologies such as Rasperry PI, 3D-printing and CNC-machining mixed together with some good old woodworking.  

serviette 1.jpg

Name tags for wedding

A cute little summer project for a wedding in Denmark. 70 white oak serviette holders with the guests' name on.

The bride and groom also got an engraved box as a surprise gift, it is a wedding after all!

serviette 3.jpg

Display mantle for skincare products

20 display mantles for a cosmetics brand that will display their skincare products across Europe on this display. Lots of small detail work with 280 individual letters. Oak and painted valchromat. Quite happy with the combination of colours and textures!

Rustic Bar Table

An oak bar table with table tops built from 1080 individually shaped and coloured blocks. A fun project with an intense deadline for local fish restaurant in Tromsø.

Final step in the production process, a nice coating of oil for protection

Final step in the production process, a nice coating of oil for protection

The fishbone pattern

Have been wanting to create a fishbone table top for years and the rustic interior of the customers restaurant was a perfect opportunity. Time consuming, but definetly worth it!

bordet 4.jpg

Production process

Given the customer wanted 8 bar tables made in a week I needed to find the most efficient production process whilst still maintaining the level of quality and aestetics i wanted. A nice challenge!

bordet 9.jpg

Like a puzzle

8 tables, 1080 pieces, lots of glue and lots of fun!

Drafting table

This project was for a local artist looking for a new drafting table. She also wanted a led-panel fit into the table itself so she could trace over her work. It was nice to build something which had real functional value for someone else professional work. The material used is Valchromat which is a very solid and water resistant MDF that is well suited for both home furniture (Looks great in combination with natural wood!), event stands and stage sets. 


Freely tiltable top

The table top can be tilted from 0 to 60 degrees depending on the artists needs. 


Embedded LED-panel and glass cover

Flush with the surface is a glass covered LED-panel that is dimmable based on how bright the artist wants the light to be.


Holder for references

Along the top of the table is an area to hold reference papers. You can also see the handle used to adjust the angle of the table. 

Secret storage of pens within the table itself

A nice little storage area for pens and pencils, covered with a lid with felt-handle. Felt + Valchromat = mmmm!

The Ekte Lamp - Production video

Decorative street signs

Ekte has been lucky to make a few different signs for local businesses. Nice to see the city decorated with handcrafted signs!  

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 21.02.41.png


A pair of modern street signs that are handpainted by @skiltmakergundersen


Bårstua street sign

Great little logo by @tanktromso with the street sign painted in chalk board paint so it is fully customisable. Here the logo was CNC'ed through the paint, revealing the wood texture behind, nice!

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 21.06.22.png

Bårstua door sign

Cute little sign for one of the oldest cafes in Tromsø, Norway.


Sings for local kindergarden

Outdoor-inspired signs, the largest CNC-job so far!